From the brief to the build we don’t beat around the bush, we just love designing cool houses. The summary below is an indicative guide to our typical approach to design.


INTRODUCTION: Are we right for you?

Your first meeting is complimentary. We will discuss your aims to develop a design brief. This meeting will take approximately 30 minutes and be held at the project site.

To get the most from this meeting, ideally you will have an idea of what you are hoping to achieve with your project, including your budget and any reference images of homes that resonate with you.

After we understand your project, we can then provide you a fee proposal and discuss next steps.


Concept design

Let the creative problem solving begin! We look into the site conditions and surroundings to come up with a functional but cool design to satisfy your brief.

This will be presented to you in any or all of these forms: hand-drawn conceptual sketches and diagrams, 2D-CAD (Computer Aided Design) floor plans or 3D-CAD images.


Development design

From your feedback the design is refined with our aim, to exceed your expectations as a minimum. 3D-CAD software is a great tool and allows you to get a good idea of how things will look and function before they are built.


Documentation and approvals

The boring stuff to get you closer to building. In the final stage of the design process we prepare detailed drawings and documentation ready for approval and construction.

We coordinate with any appropriate consultants such as surveyors, town planners, engineers and private certifiers etc that you may need.

In the approvals phase we can coordinate:

  • Development Application (DA) – with local council.
  • Complying Development Certificate (CDC) or Construction Certificate (CC) – with private certifier.

We do not offer a project management service at this stage, but we do love to stay involved during construction to answer any queries the builder you selected might have.

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